Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back to your to the spastic story...with no background whatsoever

Two rough looking ladies (let's call them L1 and L2 for now) are sitting on bar stools, each having a pint of Guinness. They're in the middle of a rather heated discussion. You may have encountered the second one before.

L1: You agree that there are chill creatures in both sexes, yes?

L2: Yes.

L1: You also agree that both sexes have their own share of assholes?

L2: Yeah.

L1: Then why do you treat G1 like an asshole?

(G1 happens to be close friends with L1)

L2: ...because he's an asshole..

L1: Come on he's nice.

L2: No, he's nice to you. G1 is a dick to everyone else.

L1: You can't know that.

A beat passes, while L2 just looks at L1.

L1: Of course you do. I forgot who I was talking to.

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