Friday, January 04, 2008

With my brand new signature finally up, I thought I'd celebrate it with a post related to the subject. Hence without further ado, dun dun dun duuuuh - The Matrix. Anyone who like me whose worked in the graphic/animation feeled would've drooled over the film the first time it came out (to be fair even if you weren't). SFX like these were considered ground-breaking in 1999. Something like this had never been seen before. It was worth watching for the visuals alone. Add the cracking plot with various bits of philosphical & religious references thrown in without being very heavy-handed and you've got the makings of a cult hit. Which it was and still is.

*The blogger kindly requests you to allow a moment of fangirlish squeeling & offers cottonwool to protect your ears.*

Taking the red pill and going and going down the rabbit hole. The Parallel to Alice in Wonderland couldn't be more obvious, even if you dropped an anvil on someone's head. Like Alice, the main character 'Neo' takes the red pill and jumps down the rabbit hole.

To be continued

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