Thursday, November 01, 2012

In case anyone's wondering...

...the Halloween poster link is a test post from my mobile. You'll be seeing more of thse in the future.

Oh and if you don't like it, you can suck it.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The humorous version.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The girl watched the Inspector's head barely miss the table behind him as he fainted. It would be a shame if he injured himself that way wow. After all she had uses for him. She couched down next to him.


Lee felt slowly returned to consciousness to find someone leaning over him. His eyes refused to open much than a slit and nothing wold focus. The concussion he no doubt gave himself along with the hangover made everything spin. He felt himself being hauled up and dumped on something soft.

He felt something inside his head that started as mild pressure and bloomed into stabbing pain.

Lee screamed. Everything went black again.


The girl wondered why the unconscious man on the couch had screamed so much when she got rid of his concussion and the hangover. Surely it couldn't have been that painful?

Then again she didn't have a frame of reference for pain anymore.

Hopefully he would wake up in time to use what was in the packet she left on his chest. The druggie she healed had proven so useful.


When Lee woke up a second time he was feeling much better. There were no signs of freaky blue eyes having been anywhere near him except for a bulging envelope sitting right on his chest with blue bow and note. This might be relevant to your interests. Merry Christmas - Emo Santa

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back to your to the spastic story...with no background whatsoever

Two rough looking ladies (let's call them L1 and L2 for now) are sitting on bar stools, each having a pint of Guinness. They're in the middle of a rather heated discussion. You may have encountered the second one before.

L1: You agree that there are chill creatures in both sexes, yes?

L2: Yes.

L1: You also agree that both sexes have their own share of assholes?

L2: Yeah.

L1: Then why do you treat G1 like an asshole?

(G1 happens to be close friends with L1)

L2: ...because he's an asshole..

L1: Come on he's nice.

L2: No, he's nice to you. G1 is a dick to everyone else.

L1: You can't know that.

A beat passes, while L2 just looks at L1.

L1: Of course you do. I forgot who I was talking to.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

We interrupt the story to bring you an important rant...

Why do people keep continuously subscribing to one predefined reality or another?
What's with this fucking philosophical bullshit about plutocratic, monotheist, Gnostic, capitalist, democrat, communist, anarchist.. long story cut short - religious and political bullshit?
Can't you people think of anything without bringing Christ or Satan into the picture? You bloody right and left wingers aren't any better. Everything is about some man figure. The woman is some secondary passive vessel. The fucking passive victim and the bloody active sinner in Christianity. The sub-human piece of meat for Muslims and a lot of Asian regimes China, Japan, Korea doesn't matter. Hindus aren't any better. We used to have an enlightened scientific community where men and women were equal and scientific discovery was very much valued.
Then the invasions came. First, all the Islamic barbarism and later Christian colonialism. We kept fucking ourselves up.
They burnt down the fucking library of Alexandria as well. We're a bunch of morons. Hopelessly trapped in religious symbolism and pseudo-intellectual philosophical bullshit.

...It's only getting worse.

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Inspector Lee woke up on his couch with only the mildest of hangovers. It wasn't Merlot, but a pretty decent red wine anyway.


Minsky had come over as promised with take out and they'd chatted about things that had nothing to do with the girl. Even though those empty eyes kept haunting him, his mood eventually lifted and serious thoughts were pushed to the back of his mind. Minsky finally left close to midnight, after extracting a promise from him that they would meet up on Christmas day if his wife wasn't back in town.

"There's no way you are staying by yourself on Christmas, Lee! Otherwise you'll come in to work the next day and tell me that the spooky teenager visited you for milk and cookies, like an emo Santa."

Lee had laughed at that and walked her to her car. Later, he finished the rest of the bottle and passed out to the dull sounds of a blowhard talk show host.


Lee cursed himself for leaving the blinds open as the harsh winter sun, reflected of some fresh snow, stung his eyes and near blinded him. He stumbled towards the blinds with a hand over his eyes closed and pulled them shut. Much better, he thought and opened his eyes, only to see the very pair of blue eyes that he'd tried so hard to forget last night staring back at him.

She smiled at him and Lee passed out for the second time in less than 24 hours.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

There were cuts and bruises. Some from brutal fights, which were beyond the ability for most to stomach. Some were self-inflicted during down times, with nothing else to distract from the pain. The strong need for ...something. Something that was just beyond conscious grasp.

Nobody could see these scars. They weren't allowed to. Even if they caught a glimpse, it would be gone with the dawn. Sunlight healed them and the night hid them. These scars were private. Something personal to fill the need of something unnamed. They belonged to her and only her. The fights were a rush, with the scars as proof of life.

One night the opponents too many and the injuries were too too deep. Proof of life turned into the messenger of death. She could see the grim reaper leaning over her, as she sat bleeding out. A hood with no face and stars for eyes. Or so she thought. A vaporous creature of myth leaned leaned over her. Perhaps no more than dying phantom conjured by her brain.

It seemed curious though, the way it reached for her. There was no physical movement without a real body. But the impression was in her mind. It left no doubt as the world faded out. Curiosity and a sense of completeness inside her.


The girl woke up blinking. She hardly needed sleep anymore. But when she did there were always dreams of stars and space. A dream of her past though - her old human past - that had never happened before.