Thursday, May 03, 2012

We interrupt the story to bring you an important rant...

Why do people keep continuously subscribing to one predefined reality or another?
What's with this fucking philosophical bullshit about plutocratic, monotheist, Gnostic, capitalist, democrat, communist, anarchist.. long story cut short - religious and political bullshit?
Can't you people think of anything without bringing Christ or Satan into the picture? You bloody right and left wingers aren't any better. Everything is about some man figure. The woman is some secondary passive vessel. The fucking passive victim and the bloody active sinner in Christianity. The sub-human piece of meat for Muslims and a lot of Asian regimes China, Japan, Korea doesn't matter. Hindus aren't any better. We used to have an enlightened scientific community where men and women were equal and scientific discovery was very much valued.
Then the invasions came. First, all the Islamic barbarism and later Christian colonialism. We kept fucking ourselves up.
They burnt down the fucking library of Alexandria as well. We're a bunch of morons. Hopelessly trapped in religious symbolism and pseudo-intellectual philosophical bullshit.

...It's only getting worse.

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