Thursday, April 02, 2015

Back your program.

Inspector Lee switched off the car radio. The attackers thought it would be a clean quick job. In and out in 5 minutes. Who did they think they're dealing with? Morons.

Stakeouts are long and boring. Black coffee is mandatory to stay awake. The number of coffees you consume is directly proportional to the length of the stakeout. He probably had too many from the buzz he was getting. Lee swore he could see radio waves. His partner was doing better than him...marginally. If being obnoxiously cheerful on a stakeout could be considered better.

Was she possessing his dreams. For she'd brought him here with all the cryptic clues she'd left behind. And was it always raining and snowing when she showed up?

Lee looked at the pen drive that the girl left him. It was a ghost drive with a self-booting app. All he had to do is sneak in to the warehouse across the street after the band of thugs left it to for a quick task (read heist) on a security trunk (a blind to get them out of the warehouse) on highway 27. Once inside he'd find the a computer and plug it in. The ghost drive would copy all the data (she claimed it could break any encryption these  morons came up with) and also tap into social media they'd used (there was always one guy who forgot that the server wasn't his smartphone) to scan for patterns (tweets, status updates etc). 

The radio crackled. Both Lee and his partner tensed as they watched the thugs leave. They waited another 5 minutes to make sure that the thugs weren't coming back for a forgotten tool or something and snuck into the warehouse.

Lee's partner picked the lock in a manner of minutes. He'd never asked where she picked those skill and in return she didn't question the presence of the ghost drive or it's source.

The door was luckily well oiled and opened without a sound.  Lee made sure he still had the ghost drive and entered.


10 minutes later both detectives were on the way back to the station, while a few miles away the thugs were cursing at an empty empty security truck. Boss DiMaria wasn't going to be happy with them.

The girl who'd pretended to be the security driver chuckled and shucked off  uniform's hat and vest.
She was hungry again and a bunch of pissed of thugs (all of them young and hotblooded) would make a lovely snack.

The thug closest to her noticed the driver getting up, shouted and pulled his gun on her. He could have sworn on his mother that the driver had was a middle aged man with grey hair and medium build. Instead he was looking at a young girl. Too young to even be drinking.

She smiled at him and his companions and the hair stood on the back of his neck.

I don't know if I'll be posting here anymore. No one reads this anyway.