Friday, December 29, 2006

WARNING: Personal rant ahead!

Alright, here's the deal people. Getting married and/or pregnant is absolutley not on my pririty list. It's not even anywhere in my list. Here's why:

1) Marriage is unlike what you think, not sacred. I'm pretty sure it started out as a way to control everybody having sex with each other, and multiplying like rabbits. It's the 21st century now. We got condoms and contraceptives.

2) As for the being 'faithful-until-death-do-us-part'. If that were the case no one would be divorcing each other. Ofcourse there are some who stay together for the children. But there are a lot of them who don't have any, or don't care either way.

3) 'But what about true love?' you may ask. People who love each other, can hurt each other as well. Even if they don't you don't need to be married for that. After all, soul-mates don't need to prove themselves to each other.

4) Kids. Just-not-in-my-nature. The common of stereotype (someone who keeps going on about eanting be single, doing a 180 degree turn, and getting married quicker than the others) is nothing but that. Needless to say they don't hold up very well in real life. Anyone with a smidgen of logic & intelligence in their brain will attest to that.

So there.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

New Drawings!

I made these two versions of a drawing for a good friend of mine, and am uploading them with his permission. It's a bit abstract, but will provide explainations if asked.

Here they are.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Art update..well sort of.

There's been a lack of updates here. Again! But this time it's not due to lack of things to write about. But the old adage of not having access to the net when the topic comes to mind, and having forgotten it completely by the time I getg to my comp.

So I've decide that this place will serve as a update page whenever I post some of my sketches (or scratches if you like) on deviantart. Atlesst maybe then I'll remember whatever it was on my mind and be able to spit it out here.

So without further ado.

Further as a shamelss shill: you can view the rest at

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Evolution is a one way process.

What baffles me though is why so many people don't realise it. Now what am I on about?

It's the populace that is always surprised to find how much sharper their kids/nieces/nephews are than they were as children. Of course they get smarter. Of course they will be sharper, more perceptive and worldly (or world weary in some cases) than the previous generation. Do they seriously expect them to get dumber? If any more proof was needed to prove Darwin's theory, then this is it.

Yet I overhear this in every discussion in pretty much every place. Where folks who have children or come in frequent contact with children. Surprised as always they are. Tch!

Which brings me to another point. I here the same parents lamenting as their children get older (aka school), of how their precocious little child is getting moody, rebellious and is slipping down gradewise.

I'd like to direct your attention to a popular T-shirt slogan:
'I was born intelligent, but education ruined me.'

It's the the averge children who are suddenly jumping up the totempole of high grades. The reason? Mindless studying and obedience is what works. Being logical and an Independent thinker gets you labelled as an outcast and troublemaker.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What can I say..?

Cynicism isn't something we're born with. It's something we learn, that we grow up with.

We lose our innocence, as we get exposed to the world. We learn not to believe in true love. We learn not to trust, because it seems natural for the world to cheat and stab us in the back. Thus cynics are born, after being born.

Yet once in a while one can see or here something, which makes said person wonder if that's not all there is to this world. A husband genuinely happy to see his wife come home. Who smiles a free smile because he thinks no outsider us watching. It is a peek snuck through the tinted glass of a car that provided thsi unbidden glimpse into the lives of another family.

Your mother sweeping you into a hug and showering you with affection that is not given as a reward for good behavior but freely. UNconditional love that you feel in your bones.

Are we truly all cyinics with cold hearts?

Friday, July 14, 2006

Two meet in the dark, Only one will leave.

They are the clothes of a Samurai. Clothes of an era gone past. Their gi & hakama are of the finest make and speak of their high status. Fine clothes they once were but no longer. Frayed at edges, patched in places. They indicate the Samurai's fall from grace by the end of an era.

Their pride too fierce to attempt any other trade to make a living. To high their upbringing too know of any other. Reduced they are to penniless ronin. Too noble to turn into bandits. Too stubborn to forget their grudges. For both were bitter enemies as far as memory stretches.

Now they meet on this dark and moonless night. After years of wandering, searching for one another. Searching for their foe. To end this battle, this bloodfeud which raged for years.
Tonight they have met, tonight they fight and tonight it will end.

The clearing is empty and only the trees bear witness. Both sink into their stance and unsheath their swords. Slowly, languidly with only the scraping of metal against iron sheath for noise.

Both circle each other with deliberate calm. Both have danced this bloody dance a hundred times. Tonight they dance it one last time.

Both each other's moves with near perfection. They are master's of their craft. The night provides no hindrance, for they see with their minds eye and read each other like a book.

Both stop and there is silence. It lasts a mere heartbeat but to them it seems an eternity. Then as one they strike.

Both are fast but only one is faster. A single strike, one spurt of blood, and it is over. Both stop on opposites as if nothing had happened. Another heartbeat, another eternity. Then one slowly slides to the ground and the blood flows freely. There is no sound from the fallen or the victor. No surprise. Only acceptance of the inevitable.

Both look at each and a faint smile graces their faces. In death their feud has ended. Their purpose in life attained. The fallen warrior closes his eyes never to open them again. The victor flicks the blood away from his sword, sheathes it with practised ease and bows to the fallen opponent.

Two met in the dark, and only one left.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

We're all living securely in our smug little lives. We get driven to work by a carpool/company cab (at the company's cost in some cases, in some cases not). We work in an self-contained, air-conditioned environment. It's almost like it's own closed eco-system. Trust me I know. Most people don't even realise if it's raining outside or not. The worst thing that can happen here is that you get fired. Or if your extremely unlucky (as happened in one very disgustingly unfortunate incident) get raped by the driver (if your female) and killed. May that poor woman's soul rest in piece if there's such a thing and her two-timing husband rot.

But all in all it isn't a very physically exerting job. Atleast I think that's the point I was trying to make. Whatever may be the case in point here, only a two decades ago such a thing was very foreign, to be surrounded by technology almost 24/7 in a job that isn't very technologically inclined. Well mostly, some are like tech support for Micr'sloth' or other prominent software companies that outsource to countries like India, phillipines..etc.

I guess there isn't a point to this and I'm just blowing off steam after listening day-in-day-out to comments from colleagues who complain how ahard there lives are because they don't get enugh time anymore to loaf around town with there buddies/girl/boy anymore because of this job. Try supporting half your family income without a social life for becasue your father fucked up his (and by extension his families) good prospects big time, and are struggling to graduate. Not an unfamiliar story to a lot of people who may be reading this. But not very familiar to good percent of the population.

I may add something to this later but not right now.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Comedians ought to be commended. Take the local variety. In an archetypical b-grade cheesy Indian film, they play the most entertaining characters, keep the overtly melodramatic lead characters in line with a well-timed quip or a metaphorcal/literal boot-up-the-arse. The reason maybe that these gifted actors come with a theatrical background. Or the fact that they usually have a connection to reality that most of the other characters in their roles do not. Pity they don't get ebough recognition.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Swarms of microrobots with big goals by ZDNet's Roland Piquepaille -- Following a previous EU-funded project which allowed to build several kinds of microrobots in the last three years, another project has already started to deploy "real" swarms of up to 1,000 robot clients. Such robot swarms are expected to perform micro assembly, biological, medical or cleaning tasks.

This is both intriguing and worrisome. On the one hand it means cures for various types of cancer and possibly AIDS, reverse engineering the human body. Real A.I., maybe the secret to eternal youth? On the other hand dangerous biochemical weapons, injected into the biosphere...silent killers that you can't even see. Creepy neh?

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Let's begin with the internet's so called security. What security you ask? The internet's a free medium, no restrictions political or otherwise except your own good sense (though good sense in the nnonymity of cyberspace is rather debatable).

Exactly my point. Don't get me wrong I love this sort of freedom. But sometimes it leads to certain complications. Like a few months ago. I recieved an e-mail telling me that somoene requested to be added as a friend to my friendster account. That's fine, the only problem being that I didn't have one. An account that is. But someone somehwere had somehow setup a friendster account with my e-mail address, when I requested for a password to get with the forgotten password link it was sent straight to my e-mail. Strike one.

I decided to follow it up to clear up any misunderstandings, meaning I logged in coantacted the administrator and informed him/her that there had been a mistake. I told him/her that my name isn't 'jerome', and did not live in the phillipines. Thereby hoping to have things cleared up I thought nothing of it for a few months. Until last week.

Another mail with another 'friending' request showed up. Strike two. This time I contacted the admin again and any of 'jerome's friends, hoping to contact jerome himself. No luck again. Jerome's account is practically empty. Only a few message replies from friends to sent posts that aren't even there. Strike three.

Is this some kind of prank? Is 'jerome' from philippines even real? Or just a figment of the net's random imagination?