Sunday, March 05, 2006

Let's begin with the internet's so called security. What security you ask? The internet's a free medium, no restrictions political or otherwise except your own good sense (though good sense in the nnonymity of cyberspace is rather debatable).

Exactly my point. Don't get me wrong I love this sort of freedom. But sometimes it leads to certain complications. Like a few months ago. I recieved an e-mail telling me that somoene requested to be added as a friend to my friendster account. That's fine, the only problem being that I didn't have one. An account that is. But someone somehwere had somehow setup a friendster account with my e-mail address, when I requested for a password to get with the forgotten password link it was sent straight to my e-mail. Strike one.

I decided to follow it up to clear up any misunderstandings, meaning I logged in coantacted the administrator and informed him/her that there had been a mistake. I told him/her that my name isn't 'jerome', and did not live in the phillipines. Thereby hoping to have things cleared up I thought nothing of it for a few months. Until last week.

Another mail with another 'friending' request showed up. Strike two. This time I contacted the admin again and any of 'jerome's friends, hoping to contact jerome himself. No luck again. Jerome's account is practically empty. Only a few message replies from friends to sent posts that aren't even there. Strike three.

Is this some kind of prank? Is 'jerome' from philippines even real? Or just a figment of the net's random imagination?

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