Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A fictional ad poster.
Imagine a world set in the near future. A mysterious ad poster has shown up all around the city overnight. On the same day strange VR device shows up on the underground market, which you can plug directly into your television. The device promises a fully immersive 3D experience. The device is an instant hit. As is the VR channel that has launched alongside it. Except that a few days later. People who use it start becoming addicted and slowly slip into a coma...
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A list post...a list possst....because I'm lazy. My own updates later.

My top 5 favourites on deviantart, in no particular order. Something to aspire to.

10 of diamonds by `hakubaikou
Wish upon a star by ~ellaine

graphic assault by *elpinoy

Machinery of the Stars by =alexiuss

Mandatory Guitarist by ~fonzfonzfonz

Friday, February 13, 2009

Innovation by minority is always opposed at first. Maybe even oppressed. If I make it sound like there is something called ' Innovation by majority' as opposed to minority well... there might be. Haven't found an example of it, but you never know right?

There might be more innovators. But few are even strong to stand up to the rest and say, "Enough is enough. I know I'm right and your wrong." Then shove the physical/scientific proof in their faces and add,"See here now. This -insert your innovation of choice- works and is a good thing. So all you people can stop being scared sheep and open your eyes, free your mind etc. I sure as hell ain't gonna be one of them."

My point is that the rest of us who don't think like sheep still live like them. We're wasting our potential because of being either a) lazy bastards/bitches or b) having a lot to lose if we open our mouths. We aren't strong enough to turn around and say, "up yours" looking the real sheep straight in the eye.

Conforming to general society is important for our survival. Otherwise you might find an angry mob with torches -yes they do still exist in some places- breaking down your door and beat you up. At the very least you'll be exiled informally from your community and burned at the metaphorical stake.

On the other hand if you don't care about this and are persistent enough (read stubborn enough) you might finally get your way.
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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Should've posted this weeks ago. As usual it can be found on my deviantart account.
Oppression of females is a thing of the past you say? Lemme change your mind.

The Rama Sena (the local moral police with rowdies if course) invaded a pub in Mangalore and beat up/molested all the females partying there for actually daring to relax and have good time.
This lady puts it more eloquently.-->

Full news article here -->

The freaking Chief Minister is supporting this. Not hindu enough. Eat shit and die Yediyurappa.

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Monday, February 02, 2009

In India you have to be a spineless worm to survive the law. If your a law abiding citizen that is. Being a good Samaritan will get you nowhere or worse attacked by the very law enforcement agency that is supposed to protect you. Why? It's because almost every police station and it's mother is as corrupt as a scratched up CD. In this country the local cops are knee dip in bribes from the MLA to your local rowdy gang.

Just last week a good Samaritan helped catch one of these dhoti wearing creatures we call MLAs in a money laundering operation. Not even a few days later, he and his family gets attacked by some hired muscle (read local goonda) belonging to said MLA, with dire warnings to drop the case and withdraw the complaint. The MLA goes Scott-free and the cops stick their heads in the sand regarding the whole matter. Why again? The cops are cahoots with local gangs and are more interested in protecting their cash cows than 'god forbid' doing their jobs.

It's worse if your a woman and lodge a complaint. The the local rowdy gang will not only beat you up, but rape your first and any female relatives you may be living with. It doesn't help that rape victims in this country are still told that they asked for it instead being considered a victim and being helped to get over the trauma.

They want us to vote for these bastards? Fuck off. They want us to not take matters into our own hands and leave in the 'oh-so-capable' hands of the police when it comes to the criminal elment? Fuck yourself up, down and sideways.