Tuesday, July 25, 2006

What can I say..?

Cynicism isn't something we're born with. It's something we learn, that we grow up with.

We lose our innocence, as we get exposed to the world. We learn not to believe in true love. We learn not to trust, because it seems natural for the world to cheat and stab us in the back. Thus cynics are born, after being born.

Yet once in a while one can see or here something, which makes said person wonder if that's not all there is to this world. A husband genuinely happy to see his wife come home. Who smiles a free smile because he thinks no outsider us watching. It is a peek snuck through the tinted glass of a car that provided thsi unbidden glimpse into the lives of another family.

Your mother sweeping you into a hug and showering you with affection that is not given as a reward for good behavior but freely. UNconditional love that you feel in your bones.

Are we truly all cyinics with cold hearts?


hecterlives said...

the problem with some problems are they are half cooked solutions or badly cooked solutions or simply not your dish, maybe they are in the process of being cooked compleatly ...ok this probably does not make sense... let me try explain--After a race the winner gets the biggest hug the loser... better luck next time, you gave it your best, LOSER etc so for some in the race... mostly the losing lot it's a desaster no hugs, insults, lectures from friends, moms, coaches etc ofcourse for some its just the race is over...tomorrow is a new day but what abt those who feel destroued just because of this stupid race....maybe the race is not the problem its probably not your dish... ok i hope you get what i am saying, if not sorry i could elaborate further but its late and i am all tired. Akhira nice post i may have slipped out of topic or accidentaly said something silly, precautionary sorry but your post did inspire this reply.

Vasudha said...

I didn't exactly get what your saying. But it's alright. When its late we're all tired. ;)