Monday, September 24, 2012

The girl watched the Inspector's head barely miss the table behind him as he fainted. It would be a shame if he injured himself that way wow. After all she had uses for him. She couched down next to him.


Lee felt slowly returned to consciousness to find someone leaning over him. His eyes refused to open much than a slit and nothing wold focus. The concussion he no doubt gave himself along with the hangover made everything spin. He felt himself being hauled up and dumped on something soft.

He felt something inside his head that started as mild pressure and bloomed into stabbing pain.

Lee screamed. Everything went black again.


The girl wondered why the unconscious man on the couch had screamed so much when she got rid of his concussion and the hangover. Surely it couldn't have been that painful?

Then again she didn't have a frame of reference for pain anymore.

Hopefully he would wake up in time to use what was in the packet she left on his chest. The druggie she healed had proven so useful.


When Lee woke up a second time he was feeling much better. There were no signs of freaky blue eyes having been anywhere near him except for a bulging envelope sitting right on his chest with blue bow and note. This might be relevant to your interests. Merry Christmas - Emo Santa

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