Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Incredibly stupid teenagers who had no idea what they were talking about, or what they were doing. That's what the girl thought. Tiny lives burning up like matchsticks. So easy to play with. So amusing to watch.

Why, here was one a male of the species. A particularly testosterone addled moron. Who thought he was the ruler of this pitiful little pit, they called a city. It would be fun to see him fall.

Derek thought he was doing the girl a favor. The pale stringy-haired freak sitting all alone on the bleachers, should be honoured that he was even talking to her. The only reason he was even looking at her was because he and his team needed their fix, and the girl could deliver. The big game was tomorrow, and they needed to wipe the floor with the competition. Then they could party. Barry's parents were out of town again and his was big enough for an after game party.

Wiping his sweaty face on his football jersey, Derek called a time out and jogged toward the little freak. The girl looked and smiled. It creeped him out. He really hoped this was worth it.

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