Monday, October 24, 2011

Inspector Wong Lee was no longer tired... One hour ago was he was. His shift should have ended now. he should have been home watching the game. He should have.
But instead Inspector behind the one sided mirror in the glass partition watching the "so called" interrogation of 15 year teenage girl by his younger partner Claire Minsky. She wasn't having much, if any, success. The girl ignored his partner completely, and was doing an excellent job of freaking him out at the same time.

Pale, skinny and black haired, the girl's ice-blue eyes was looking straight at him through the one-way mirror. He knew it wasn't possible. There was no way the girl could see him. The girl was simply looking at herself in the mirror and almost never blinking. It had to be sheer co-incidence that he was sitting in her line of sight. An accident. Right?
Inspector Lee chuckled nervously and told himself that he was being paranoid. He'd prove it to himself right now.

Lee pushed the chair back slowly, got up and walked over to the side. Then turned back to look at the girl and nearly jumped. Here eyes were still looking at him. 'Don't freak out', he told himslelf. She probably heard the chair scraping. Co-incidence.
No longer sure if he was trying to fool himself or not Inspector Lee tip-toed to other side of the room, this time not taking his eyes off her. The girl's eyes followed him across the room without fail. He tried not to faint. His partner would never let him hear the end off it.

Not enough sleep. That had to be it. Of course there was a way to check. He pressed the intercom button.


In the interrogation room, the girl smiled, and somehow that made it worse. be continued.

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