Sunday, September 26, 2010

Logic v/s Robots

Unemotional calculating humans cannot be labeled machines. Machines are passive mechanical beings with no thought or initiative. They are fed Instructions and perform programmed tasks, after which they spew out results. Cold calculating people can instead be designed as sentient intelligence, transcending humanity to another level. Self-awareness without emotion. if you will.

Why am I talking about this? A lot of writers in fiction, whether it be books, T.V. or movies seem to make this mistake all the time.

Yes, it's quite presumptuous of me to claim that they're wrong and I'm right. But this just irks me. It's a popular topic, and many writers just jump on the 'in-thing' bandwagon without doing any research.

Look up MB-TI websites and read about personality types and their multiple variations. They are explained simply enough. If bored teenagers and employees can do it. So can you.

Read Asimov & at the very least, please. Spock is not Data.

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