Sunday, April 23, 2006

We're all living securely in our smug little lives. We get driven to work by a carpool/company cab (at the company's cost in some cases, in some cases not). We work in an self-contained, air-conditioned environment. It's almost like it's own closed eco-system. Trust me I know. Most people don't even realise if it's raining outside or not. The worst thing that can happen here is that you get fired. Or if your extremely unlucky (as happened in one very disgustingly unfortunate incident) get raped by the driver (if your female) and killed. May that poor woman's soul rest in piece if there's such a thing and her two-timing husband rot.

But all in all it isn't a very physically exerting job. Atleast I think that's the point I was trying to make. Whatever may be the case in point here, only a two decades ago such a thing was very foreign, to be surrounded by technology almost 24/7 in a job that isn't very technologically inclined. Well mostly, some are like tech support for Micr'sloth' or other prominent software companies that outsource to countries like India, phillipines..etc.

I guess there isn't a point to this and I'm just blowing off steam after listening day-in-day-out to comments from colleagues who complain how ahard there lives are because they don't get enugh time anymore to loaf around town with there buddies/girl/boy anymore because of this job. Try supporting half your family income without a social life for becasue your father fucked up his (and by extension his families) good prospects big time, and are struggling to graduate. Not an unfamiliar story to a lot of people who may be reading this. But not very familiar to good percent of the population.

I may add something to this later but not right now.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Comedians ought to be commended. Take the local variety. In an archetypical b-grade cheesy Indian film, they play the most entertaining characters, keep the overtly melodramatic lead characters in line with a well-timed quip or a metaphorcal/literal boot-up-the-arse. The reason maybe that these gifted actors come with a theatrical background. Or the fact that they usually have a connection to reality that most of the other characters in their roles do not. Pity they don't get ebough recognition.